See below table for upcoming dividends on the ASX. Click the headings to sort or search for your company.

Franked Dividend: Percentage of the company’s dividend that is franked. When a stock’s dividend is fully franked, the company pays tax on the entire dividend. Investors receive 100% of the tax paid on the dividend as franking credits.

Ex-date: The ex-date, or ex-dividend date, is the date on or after which a security is traded without a previously declared dividend or distribution. After the ex-date, a stock is said to trade ex-dividend. The ex-date is the date on which the seller, not the buyer of a stock, will be entitled to a recently announced dividend.

Books close: When a company declares a dividend, generally at the same time as its biannual trading results announcement, it also announces a record date (sometimes also known as the books closing date). Dividends are paid to all investors listed on the company’s share register at 5:00 pm on this record date. 

Payable: is the date the dividend is paid to the shareholder.

Upcoming Dividends
CompanyCodeFranked%Ex DateBooks ClosePayable
Acorn Capital InvestACQ1002-May3-May21-May
AIMS Prop Sec FundAPW-28-Mar29-Mar14-Jun
AMP LtdAMPPA9013-Jun14-Jun24-Jun
Aust Masters YF5AYZ1009-May10-May20-May
Aust Masters YF4AYK1009-May10-May20-May
Aneka TambangATM-6-May7-May24-May
ANZ Banking GrpANZ10013-May14-May1-Jul
ANZ Banking GrpANZPD10022-Aug23-Aug2-Sep
ANZ Banking GrpANZPE10013-Sep16-Sep24-Sep
ANZ Banking GrpANZPF10013-Sep16-Sep24-Sep
ANZ Banking GrpANZPG10011-Jun12-Jun20-Jun
ANZ Banking GrpANZPH10011-Jun12-Jun20-Jun
AusNet ServicesAST45.0621-May22-May27-Jun
Aust PharmaceuticalAPI1002-May3-May31-May
Autosports GrpASG10016-May17-May31-May
Aventus GrpAVN-28-Mar29-Mar22-May
Bank of QldBOQ1001-May2-May22-May
Bendigo & Adelaide BkBENPE10017-May20-May30-May
Bendigo & Adelaide BkBENPF1003-Jun4-Jun17-Jun
Bendigo & Adelaide BkBENPG10030-May31-May13-Jun
CBG Capital LtdCBC1002-May3-May23-May
Challenger LtdCGFPA10016-May17-May27-May
Challenger LtdCGFPB10013-May14-May22-May
Cimic Grp LtdCIM10013-Jun14-Jun4-Jul
C'wlth Bank of AustCBAPD1006-Jun7-Jun17-Jun
C'wlth Bank of AustCBAPE1006-Jun7-Jun17-Jun
C'wlth Bank of AustCBAPF1006-Jun7-Jun17-Jun
C'wlth Bank of AustCBAPG1006-Jun7-Jun17-Jun
C'wlth Bank of AustCBAPH1006-Jun7-Jun17-Jun
Concentrated LeadersCLF10024-May27-May14-Jun
Contango IncomeCIE7527-May28-May11-Jun
CPT Global LtdCGO10014-Mar15-Mar20-May
Cromwell PropCMW-28-Mar29-Mar24-May
CSR LtdCSR5030-May31-May2-Jul
Deutsche Acc InvTCXAPL-10-May13-May30-May
Deutsche Acc InvTCXBAC-6-Jun7-Jun12-Jul
Deutsche Acc InvTCXIBM-9-May10-May24-Jun
Deutsche Acc InvTCXINT-6-May7-May14-Jun
Deutsche Acc InvTCXMSF-15-May16-May27-Jun
Deutsche Acc InvTCXXOM-10-May13-May24-Jun
Dicker Data LtdDDR10017-May20-May3-Jun
Fortescue Metals GrpFMG10022-May23-May14-Jun
Gazal CorpGZL10022-May23-May28-May
Infratil LtdIFT-20-Jun21-Jun27-Jun
Insurance Aust GrpIAGPD1006-Jun7-Jun17-Jun
Janus HendersonJHG-10-May13-May29-May
Joyce CorpJYC10017-Jun18-Jun28-Jun
Jumbo InteractiveJIN10014-May15-May22-May
Jupiter MinesJMS-6-May7-May21-May
Kathmandu HldgsKMD-6-Jun7-Jun21-Jun
Macq Bank LtdMBLPA4513-Sep16-Sep24-Sep
Macq Grp LtdMQG4513-May14-May3-Jul
Macq Grp LtdMQGPB456-Sep9-Sep17-Sep
Macq Grp LtdMQGPC456-Jun7-Jun17-Jun
Macq Grp LtdMQGPD4531-May3-Jun11-Jun
Mitchell ServicesMSV10027-Jun28-Jun30-Jul
Money3 CorpMNY1005-Mar6-Mar23-May
NAOS Ex-50NAC1003-Jun4-Jun18-Jun
NAOS Small Cap OppNSC1003-Jun4-Jun18-Jun
National Aust BankNAB10014-May15-May3-Jul
National Aust BankNABPB10029-May30-May17-Jun
National Aust BankNABPC10013-Jun14-Jun24-Jun
National Aust BankNABPD10027-Jun28-Jun8-Jul
National Aust BankNABPE-11-Jun12-Jun20-Jun
National Aust BankNABPF1006-Jun7-Jun17-Jun
NSX PmiPMI10011-Jun12-Jun21-Jun
OM Hldgs LtdOMH-2-May3-May31-May
Orica LtdORI-30-May31-May1-Jul
Pendal Grp LtdPDL1023-May24-May26-Jun
Plato Inc Max LtdPL810016-May17-May31-May
Premier InvestPMV10030-May31-May14-Jun
PTB Grp LtdPTB1006-May7-May31-May
Ramsay Health CareRHCPA1002-Oct3-Oct21-Oct
Redcape Hotel GrpRDC-28-Mar29-Mar31-May
ResMed IncRMD-8-May9-May13-Jun
Rhipe LtdRHP1009-May10-May24-May
Ruralco HldgsRHL10030-May31-May18-Jun
Sandon Capital InvestSNC10016-May17-May28-May
SPDR Prop FundSLF18.6928-Mar29-Mar28-May
SpeedCast IntlSDA-7-Mar8-Mar23-May
Steamships TradingSST-29-Apr30-Apr5-Jul
Suncorp Grp LtdSUNPE10030-May31-May17-Jun
Suncorp Grp LtdSUNPF10030-May31-May17-Jun
Suncorp Grp LtdSUNPG10030-May31-May17-Jun
Theta Asset MgtYTMAGL-25-Oct28-Oct8-Nov
Theta Asset MgtYTMANZ-24-May27-May6-Jun
Theta Asset MgtYTMAP1-10-Oct11-Oct24-Oct
Theta Asset MgtYTMAPA-11-Jul12-Jul25-Jul
Theta Asset MgtYTMAS2-7-Aug8-Aug21-Aug
Theta Asset MgtYTMAST-19-Jun20-Jun3-Jul
Theta Asset MgtYTMAWC-10-May13-May23-May
Theta Asset MgtYTMAZJ-17-Oct18-Oct31-Oct
Theta Asset MgtYTMBH1-16-Sep17-Sep3-Oct
Theta Asset MgtYTMCCA-31-Oct1-Nov18-Nov
Theta Asset MgtYTMDO1-2-Sep3-Sep16-Sep
Theta Asset MgtYTMDX1-25-Oct28-Oct11-Nov
Theta Asset MgtYTMDX2-31-Oct1-Nov14-Nov
Theta Asset MgtYTMF05-9-May10-May23-May
Theta Asset MgtYTMF07-8-Jul9-Jul22-Jul
Theta Asset MgtYTMF08-25-Jul26-Jul9-Aug
Theta Asset MgtYTMF09-23-May24-May6-Jun
Theta Asset MgtYTMF10-23-May24-May6-Jun
Theta Asset MgtYTMF11-18-Jul19-Jul1-Aug
Theta Asset MgtYTMF13-29-May30-May13-Jun
Theta Asset MgtYTMF14-7-May8-May21-May
Theta Asset MgtYTMF15-1-Aug2-Aug15-Aug
Theta Asset MgtYTMF16-18-Jul19-Jul1-Aug
Theta Asset MgtYTMF17-15-May16-May29-May
Theta Asset MgtYTMGP1-15-Aug16-Aug29-Aug
Theta Asset MgtYTMLL1-4-Nov5-Nov18-Nov
Theta Asset MgtYTMMG2-9-Sep10-Sep23-Sep
Theta Asset MgtYTMMGR-9-Sep10-Sep23-Sep
Theta Asset MgtYTMMQG-23-Aug26-Aug6-Sep
Theta Asset MgtYTMNA1-6-Jun7-Jun20-Jun
Theta Asset MgtYTMNAB-10-May13-May23-May
Theta Asset MgtYTMQF1-15-Oct16-Oct31-Oct
Theta Asset MgtYTMQF2-29-May30-May14-Jun
Theta Asset MgtYTMQF3-8-May9-May23-May
Theta Asset MgtYTMSCG-14-Oct15-Oct28-Oct
Theta Asset MgtYTMSG1-16-May17-May30-May
Theta Asset MgtYTMSG2-14-May15-May28-May
Theta Asset MgtYTMSGP-28-Aug29-Aug11-Sep
Theta Asset MgtYTMTCL-31-May3-Jun14-Jun
Theta Asset MgtYTMTL1-5-Sep6-Sep19-Sep
Theta Asset MgtYTMTL2-10-Oct11-Oct24-Oct
Theta Asset MgtYTMTLS-4-Jul5-Jul18-Jul
Theta Asset MgtYTMVC1-17-Oct18-Oct31-Oct
Theta Asset MgtYTMVCX-17-Oct18-Oct31-Oct
Theta Asset MgtYTMWB1-18-Jul19-Jul1-Aug
Theta Asset MgtYTMWBC-11-Jul12-Jul25-Jul
Theta Asset MgtYTMWE1-3-Sep4-Sep17-Sep
TPG Telecom LtdTPM10015-Apr16-Apr21-May
Utd Overseas AustUOS-21-May22-May10-Jun
Waterco LtdWAT1002-May3-May14-Jun
WCM Global GrowthWQG-5-Aug6-Aug16-Aug
Westpac BankingWBC10016-May17-May24-Jun
Westpac BankingWBCPE10013-Jun14-Jun24-Jun
Westpac BankingWBCPF10013-Jun14-Jun24-Jun
Westpac BankingWBCPG10020-Jun21-Jun1-Jul
Westpac BankingWBCPH10013-Jun14-Jun24-Jun
Westpac BankingWBCPI1006-Jun7-Jun18-Jun
Whitefield LtdWHF10027-May28-May12-Jun
Whitefield LtdWHFPA10027-May28-May12-Jun
Whitefield LtdWHFPB10027-May28-May12-Jun
Z Energy LtdZEL-16-May17-May24-May

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