Sharp Investor Portfolio

Current ASX positions:

Ardea Resources (ARL), ALS (ALQ), Austal (ASB), Bellevue Gold (BGL), Big River Gold (BRV), Cardiex (CDX), Coles Group (COL), Cynata Therapeutics (CYP), DGL Group (DGL), Dicker Data (DDR), Domain (DHG), Evolution (EVN), Exilir Energy (EXR), Fastbrick Robotics (FBR), Fiducian (FID), Finbar (FRI), Greenland Minerals (GGG), Gold Road (GOR), IGO (IGO), Integrated Research (IRI), Mount Gibson Iron (MGX), Money3 (MNY), Moneyme (MME), Oz Minerals (OZL), Prophecy (PRO), St Barbara (SBM), SRG Global (SRG), Southern Cross Electrical (SXE), Venturex (VXR), Western Areas (WSA), WT Financial (WTL).



The below shows all positions open and closed. Return is for the last three years and is updated throughout the day.