Investing Insights

The below ASX stock investing insights are based mainly on director trades, our share selection criteria and monitoring stocks we own and are watching.

The below commentary is not ASX share buy or sell recommendations. Please read disclaimer. Sharp Investor owns: (ASX: ACR), (ASX: ARL), (ASX: ALQ), (ASX: CDX), (ASX: CDXO), (ASX: CGO), (ASX: COL), (ASX: CYP), (ASX: DHG), (ASX: EVN), (ASX: EXR), (ASX: FBR), (ASX: FID), (ASX: FRI), (ASX: GGG), (ASX: GOR), (ASX: IGO), (ASX: IRI), (ASX: MGX), (ASX: MNY), (ASX: OZL), (ASX: PRO), (ASX: SBM), (ASX: SF1), (ASX: SFL), (ASX: SRG), (ASX: SXE), (ASX: WSA), (ASX: WTL)

Asset Divestment – Evolution Mining (ASX: EVN)

Natural Gas Oppourtunity – Exilir Energy (ASX: EXR)

New technology – Fastbrick Robotics (ASX: FBR)

Low cost gold miner – Evolution Mining (ASX: EVN)

Property market – Domain Holdings (ASX: DHG)

Announcement – Southern Cross Electrical Engineering (ASX: SXE)

In house sales team – Finbar Group (ASX: FRI)

Iron ore – Mount Gibson Iron (ASX: MGX)

Small acquisitions using cash on hand – Fiducian Group (ASX: FID)

Bad news

Director buy – Service Stream Limited (ASX: SSM)

Director buying – Integrated research Limited (ASX: IRI)

Iron ore

Director buying – Money3 (ASX: MNY)

Director buying – Fiducian Group (ASX: FID)

New contracts – Southern Cross Electrical Engineering (ASX: SXE)

Director buying – Mount Gibson Iron (ASX: MGX)

Announcement – Ardea Resources (ASX: ARL)

Announcement – Finbar Group Limited (ASX: FRI)

Announcement – Southern Cross Electrical Engineering Ltd (ASX: SXE)

Results – Money3 Corporation Limited (ASX: MNY)

Multiple director buys – Service Stream Limited (ASX: SSM)

ASX announcment Finbar Group Limited (ASX: FRI)

Director buyng – Decmil Group Limited (ASX: DCG)