Significant insider buying in a company by the people most knowledgeable of the company’s prospects in the near future, can be a good sign. It should be used alongside other investment criteria and not alone as a sure sign to invest.

Insiders can sell shares for many different reasons, but only buy believing the share price will appreciate. 

Please see below table for the latest relevant Australian share market insider buys and sells. Sort table by headings. Only FPO on-market trades and off-market trades that are worth noting are counted. All trades are over $1000. Where there are multiple trades on different dates by the one director in the same Appendix 3Y notice, they are combined them together, using the latest date.


Companies have five business days to advise the ASX of any director trades. The date below is the actual trade date. For more information on trades see company announcement.


For a full list of Insider (director) buys and sells over the last year, see members section.


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