Please see below table of companies who think the best use of excess capital is to buy back company shares. A buyback, also known as a repurchase, is the purchase by a company of a portion of its outstanding shares that reduces the number of its shares on the open market. This increases the EPS (earnings per share), all else being equal. It is usually looked upon favourably, as management look to repurchase shares when they think they are undervalued.


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Upcoming & recent buybacks
CompanyCode AnnouncedTime periodShares to buy back
Cadence CapitalCDM2019-05-15 12:05:0001/06/19-31/05/20up to 31,795,000
Kelly Partners GroupKPG2019-04-17 12:04:008/5/19-7/5/20up to 10% of issued capital being 4,549,7187 shares at 17/4/19
Centuria Capital GroupCNI2019-04-15 12:04:0012 monthsup to 30,479,317
Aurora Global Income TrustAIB2019-04-04 12:04:0018/04/19-18/04/20up to 761,067
WoolworthsWOW2019-04-01 12:04:0001/4/19-30/5/19up to A$1.7 billion worth
Trimantium GrowthOpsTGO2019-03-15 12:03:0029/3/19-29/3/20up to the lessor of $5 million worth or 9,486,900 shares
Glennon Small CompaniesGC12019-03-01 12:03:0019/3/19-19/3/20up to 10% of issued capital
Bingo IndustriesBIN2019-02-28 12:02:0015/3/19-15/3/20up to $75 million worth of shares
CaltexCTX2019-02-26 12:02:0018/3/19-12/4/19target size approx. $260 million
Mitchell ServicesMSV2019-02-26 12:02:0018-/3/19-17/3/20up to 173,837,634
CSR LimitedCSR2019-02-25 12:02:00ongoingup to $100 million worth of shares
GTN LimitedGTN2019-02-25 12:02:0012/3/19-11/3/20up to $20 million worth
BramblesBXB2019-02-25 12:02:00 Over 12 monthsup to 159,115,225 (10% of issue)
Integral Diagnostics Limited IDX2019-02-21 12:02:008/3/19-08/3/20up to 15,539,953
Genworth Mortgage InsuranceGMA2019-02-06 12:02:0021/2/19-31/6/19up to $100,000,000 worth
Love GroupLVE2019-02-01 12:02:0011/2/19-11/2/2010% of issued capital (4,037,416 shares as at 1/02/19)
Stanmore CoalSMR2019-01-18 12:01:004/2/19-3/2/20up to 25,282,751
CBG CapitalCBC2019-01-14 12:01:0018/2/19-17/2/20up to 2,617,635
Finbar GroupFRI2019-01-09 12:01:0024/01/19 for 12 monthsup to 20,000,000
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