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Most recent buyback announced:

Fatfish Blockchain (ASX: FFG) is a global tech venture investment and development firm.

The company announced on the 30th of June 2020, it will buy back up 60 million shares over twelve months, starting on the 24th of July.

Please see below table of companies who think the best use of excess capital is to buy back company shares. A buyback, also known as a repurchase, is the purchase by a company of a portion of its outstanding shares that reduces the number of its shares on the open market. This increases the EPS (earnings per share), all else being equal. It is usually looked upon favorably, as management look to repurchase shares when they think they are undervalued.

Latest ASX share buybacks, sorted by most recently announced:

Company  Announced Time period Shares to buy back
Fatfish Blockchain (ASX: FFG) 30/6/20 14/7/20-14/7/21 up to 60 m
InvestSMART (ASX: INV) 25/06/20 15/6/20-14/6/2021 up to 6,600,000
KKR Credit Income Fund (ASX: KKC) 1/6/20 16/6/20-13/11/20 up to 37 million units
Eildon Capital (ASX: EDC) 20/04/20 off-market up to 4,548,339
Qualitas Real Estate Income Fund (ASX: QRI) 8/4/20 8/4/20-7/4/21 up to 22,549,719
Platinum Capital (ASX: PMC) 8/4/20 23/4/20-22/4/21 up to 29,048,517
Platinum Asia Investments (ASX: PAI) 8/4/20 23/4/20-33/4/21 up to 36,375,097
Swick Mining Services (ASX: SWK) 7/4/20 27/4/20-27/4/2021 up to 23,145,082
Pro Medicus (ASX: PME) 30/3/20 1/4/20-31/3/21 up to 10,394,683
Forager Australian Shares Fund (ASX: FOR) 24/3/20 12 months up to 11,384,383
Servcorp (ASX: SRV) 18/3/20 2/4/20-2/9/20 up to 3m shares
Viva Energy (ASX: VEA) 18/3/20 2/4/20-2/4/21 up to $680 million worth
Centerpoint Alliance (ASX: CAF) 11/03/20 12 months up to 10% of issue
Tribeca Natural Resources (ASX: TGF) 26/2/20 12/3/20-12/3/21 up to 6,300,000
Australian Family Lawyers (ASX: AFL) 26/2/20 16/3/20-15/3/21 up to 1,965,953
L1 Long Short Fund (ASX: LSF) 26/2/20 16/3/20-16/3/21 up to 66,483,916 (10% of issue)
Cardno (ASX: CDD) 14/2/20 8/3/20-7/3/21 up to 10% of issue
Mosaic Brands (ASX: MOZ) 6/2/20 20/2/20-19/2/21 up to 9,681,293
Tribune Resources (ASX: TBR) 5/2/20 21/2/20-21/2/21 up to 4,900,000
Onevue Holdings (ASX: OVH) 30/1/20 19/2/20-18/2/21 up to 26.4 million