List of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)


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Latest ETFs to list:


27 August 2019


Pinnacle aShares Dynamic Cash Fund (ASX: Z3RO) invests primarily in short term money market securities denominated in Australian dollars. These short term money market securities include but are not limited to floating rate notes, negotiable certificates of deposit, corporate paper and short dated discount securities.


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Pinnacle aShares Global Dynamic Income Fund (ASX: SAVE) invests primarily in global listed equity securities on recognised exchanges and investment grade bonds that are suitable under the AQUA rules.


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6 August 2019


Betashares India Quality ETF (ASX: IIND) tracks the performance of the Solactive India Quality Index NTR.


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16 July 2019


Betashares FTSE 100 ETF (ASX: F10) tracks the FTSE 100 index.


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9 July 2019


Betashares Australian Government Bond ETF (ASX: AGVT) aims to provide an investment return that tracks the performance of the Solactive Australian Government 7-12 Year AUD TR Index (the “Index”), before taking into account fees and expenses. The Index comprises a portfolio of income producing, Australian dollar denominated fixed rate bonds predominantly issued by the Australian federal and state governments, and with a component issued by supranational organisations, Australian and foreign government agencies and other eligible issuers.


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21 June 2019


ETFS Reliance India Nifty 50 ETF (ASX: NDIA) aims to track the performance of the NSE Nifty 50 index.


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12 June 2019


Investsmart Ethical Share Fund (ASX: INES) is an exchange traded product that invests in undervalued  ASX listed Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) shares.


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