Director trades

Why look at director trades?

Directors have unique insights into their companies and can be well placed to judge the value of shares. Director buying can be a sign that those with the most insight into a company view its shares as undervalued. Buying and selling by directors can be used alongside other investment criteria when assessing potential investment options.  Click here to learn more about director trading.

Click here for to get ASX director trading information for the last six months. Includes:

    • on market and some off market trades
    • share prices and quantities
    • data to inform your investment choices


To see what the data looks like: ASX director trades six months – Sharp Investor-Sample.

Latest ASX director trades

Latest ASX on-market and some off-market share trades. Trades under $5,000 are ignored. Companies have five business days to advise the ASX of any director trades. For more information see the company announcement.

Date Company Code Name Trade Amount$
11/6/21 Tasfoods TFL R McBain Sell 341,550
11/6/21 Harris Technology HT8 G Huang Buy 52,500
11/6/21 Coppermoly COY K Grice Sell 6,000
10/6/21 Range International RAN R Jenkins Buy 50,000
10/6/21 Accent AX1 J Lowcock Buy 40,500
10/6/21 Wisetech WTC R White Sell 6,450,327
9/6/21 Frugl FGL M Walker Buy 90,402
9/6/21 Empire Res. ERL S Richardson Buy 5,500
8/6/21 Naos Ex-50 NAC S Evans Sell 93,363
8/6/21 Global Value GVF M Staude Buy 5,198
8/6/21 Anax Metals ANX P Warren Buy 20,148
8/6/21 Bill Identity BID D Hancock Buy 25,000
8/6/21 Great Northern Minerals GNM S Peters Buy 18,780
8/6/21 Ozgrowth OZG S Joyner Buy 40,439
8/6/21 Dusk DSK T Peterson Sell 14,905,476
8/6/21 Torian Res. TNR P Schapiro Buy 32,000
8/6/21 Gullewa GUL E Lee Sell 6,143
8/6/21 MFF Capital MFF C MacKay Buy 232,012
7/6/21 Beyond Int. BYI Borglund Buy 9,615
7/6/21 Cedar Woods CWP P Say Buy 53,360
7/6/21 FOS Capital FOS A Beard Buy 18,501
7/6/21 Finbar FRI J & R Chan Buy 6,105
7/6/21 Cryosite CTE A Kroger Buy 17,040
7/6/21 Generation Dev. GDG J Tooth Buy 17,657
7/6/21 Anteris Tech. AVR S Denaro Buy 40,047
7/6/21 Bendigo And Adelaide Bank BEN V Carter Buy 50,036
4/6/21 MFF Capital MFF C MacKay Buy 872,374
4/6/21 South Harz Potash SHP L Jubber Buy 9,000
4/6/21 Melbana Energy MAY M Sandy Buy 21,000
4/6/21 Investsmart INV R Hodge Buy 52,866
4/6/21 Alpha Hpa A4N C Peacock Buy 91,003
4/6/21 Calidus Res. CAI M Connelly Buy 24,500
4/6/21 Whitehaven Coal WHC G Zage Buy 589,750
4/6/21 Rarex REE C Henry Buy 29,274
4/6/21 Rarex REE J Young Buy 29,274
4/6/21 Lithium Australia LIT K Young Buy 12,020
4/6/21 Invion IVX R Merriel Sell 17,000
4/6/21 Austral Gold AGD B Jarvis Buy 17,000
4/6/21 Worley WOR A Templeman Buy 35,079
3/6/21 Alpha Hpa A4N C Peacock Buy 89,247
3/6/21 Alpha Hpa A4N R Kairaitis Buy 35,900
3/6/21 Sky Metals SKY R Kairaitis Buy 33,000
3/6/21 The Go2 People GO2 D Cooper Buy 19,000
3/6/21 Carbonxt CG1 M Driscoll Buy 23,529
3/6/21 Wisetech WTC R White Sell 6,450,944
3/6/21 QV Equities QVE A Tagliaferro Buy 49,452
3/6/21 Energy Tech. EGY A Smith Sell 14,706
3/6/21 Antilles Gold AAU B Johnson Buy 10,007
3/6/21 Zoono ZNO P Hyslop Sell 4,851,000
3/6/21 Terragen TGH J Cooper Buy 35,500
3/6/21 Teaminvest TIP H Coleman Buy 6,938
3/6/21 Jupiter Mines JMS G Gilbertson Buy 999,000
3/6/21 Candy Club CLB C Tang Buy 19,500